Alicia James-Marshall

With a finance and accounting professional background, Sis Alicia James-Marshall has oversight of legal and financial transactions within the church. Her experience is vital in developing, overseeing, and examining the church’s yearly budget and financial reports in an effort to monitor the financial expenditures of the ministry. Sis. Alicia is responsible for coordinating and scheduling audits with an independent firm.

About the Author
Pastor Jeremiah “JB” Marshall has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ since Sept 2001. He has a strong commitment to spending time in prayer, meditation, and the study of the Word of God. Pastor JB was called to launch Gospel Outreach Community Church. God has given him the vision to care for the “whole person” which is their spiritual, professional, financial and lifestyle aspects. Starting with seven individuals, he has worked to establish the legal foundations of this church plant (i.e. articles of incorporation, tax-exemption). God has given him the charge to create an inviting environment of sound doctrine, corporate worship and discipleship development.